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Charles Segard has had an interest in healing and touch therapy from an early age, and has always had a gift for helping people feel better. He has lived in Champaign-Urbana since 1977, when he moved here to study at the University, earning his Master’s degree in Fine Arts in 1979. After graduation, Chuck decided to pursue his devotion to the healing arts in earnest. In 1995, Chuck began studying Pacific and Asian Restoration Therapies of DanZan Ryu (PART of DZR) and in 1996 he became a professional bodywork therapist. Chuck also specializes in Craniosacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in addition to his PART of DZR therapeutic work, and recently, Chuck added ZPE tools to his healing repertoire.

Most people have never heard of Pacific and Asian Restoration Therapies of DanZan Ryu, or PART of DZR. This therapeutic work is actually closely related to the martial art of Jujitsu and Hawaiin Lomi Lomi. Most people are not aware that all martial arts also have a healing arts attached. The fighting aspect of the martial art is the yang aspect, whereas the healing art is the yin aspect. The healing aspect of martial arts is by far the more difficult to learn. It takes far less skill to break something than put it back together. The greatest martial artists are often great healers as well as great fighters. Chuck has studied the healing aspects of Taiji and JuJitsu for many years.

These PART of DZR therapies are the closest to what most would think of as “massage,” but differ in many important ways. This is a deep tissue therapy focusing on the muscle-tendon channels, and can be thought of as “Chinese Sports Medicine.” This therapy addresses the body as a whole and also the body’s energetic flow. Many people experience feelings of powerful energies moving through them when they take part in these types of therapies, and experience relief from a wide range of complaints. Topical application of various healing liniment is an important aspect of this therapy.

In addition to his training in PART of DZR, Chuck continued to seek out ways to help his clients more effectively. Craniosacral Therapy was becoming more recognized in professional massage literature, and so he sought out more information. After experiencing the powerful effects of a Craniosacral session while working at the Heartland Spa, he decided to learn all he could about this therapy and to add it to his practice. Chuck received extensive training in Craniosacral work through the Upledger Institute, and also was as a teaching assistant during many Upledger Craniosacral classes.

While Chuck was learning Craniosacral through the Upledger Institute, he was also exposed to Lymph Drainage therapy. This seemed like the next logical step in expanding his practice. This is another light touch therapy that allows Chuck to address issues in the lymphatic system in a more efficient manner than other methods. The lymphatic system is a very important circulatory system in the body. It is integral to the immune system, assists in total body detoxification, and also maintains the health and youthfulness of the skin. Lymph drainage therapy is highly effective in stimulating proper flow of the lymphatic system, especially as compared to traditional massage.

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In Chinese Medicine, emotions are considered to be the internal causes of disease. Recent scientific discoveries have validated the traditional Chinese understanding. These studies are illuminating the link between emotions, body chemistry and physiology and prove emotions have wide ranging effects on your health. Chuck has observed that many chronic conditions, especially autoimmune disorders and chronic pain, have underlying emotional components. Many times, addressing the emotional imbalances can help restore physical health as well. Chuck discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as an effective method of addressing emotional imbalances, and used it personally with great success. This “emotional acupressure” has proved effective in relieving a variety of strong and deep seated emotional reactions for many people. Chuck teaches his clients the fundamentals of EFT to enable them to short circuit negative emotions whenever they occur, and empower his clients to release harmful feelings.

Recently, Chuck was introduced to the concept of Zero Point Energy and its applications in healing. After experiencing remarkable results and witnessing the testimonials of people utilizing this technology, Chuck began incorporating ZPE tools into his healing practices, further increasing the relief his clients are achieving. Chuck is dedicated to making ZPE self care tools available to his clientele for use in their own homes to continue to enhance their health and well being in between visits.

In addition to his therapeutic work, Chuck has been doing Taiji (tai chi) and Qigong since 2000. Taiji is a gentle, nurturing self care practice which Chuck highly recommends to his clients. Chuck participates in Taiji and Qigong at the Center for Taiji Studies in Urbana, where classes occur on Wednesday nights at the Independent Media Center from 6-7:30pm. The center for Taiji studies has classes to suit every experience level from beginner to advanced. For full listings of classes and availability, visit the website at www.CenterForTaiji.com. Benefits of Taiji include improved cardiovascular health, improved flexibility and range of motion, improved balance and core strength, as well as reductions in overall stress levels.

yin yang balance everything Chuck does is about bringing the whole body into balance. Many times, when the body is brought back into balance, issues in isolated areas resolve. Once total body balance is addressed, Chuck then focuses on problem areas that remain. This approach is used because if when the body is brought into balance, many times, the individual issues disappear. However, chronic or recurring problems will continue to occur until the underlying imbalance that caused them is addressed.

Chuck has more than fifteen years of experience providing a variety of bodywork techniques, and is certified to practice the Pacific and Asian Restoration Therapies of DZR. Chuck has also been part of the faculty of the Parkland College Massage Program since 2008, where he shares his healing knowledge with others.

Chuck’s Asian Therapeutic Bodywork services are highly recommended by 2010’s Chiropractor of the Year, Dr. Douglas Matzner http://www.matznerclinic.com