Emotional Freedom Techniques in Champaign

Emotional Freedom Techniques in Champaign

Chinese medicine has long recognized emotions as the internal causes of pain and disease. Science is continuing to document that emotions cause changes to our body chemistry that directly affect our health. Molecules of Emotion by Pert by Candace D. Pert explores this connection. Psychoneuroimmunology is an entire field that is devoted to studying the effects of our psychology and emotions on our bodies. Even the CDC recognizes these effects.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotions are an important and necessary part of our lives, and serve specific functions. There are valid reasons for feeling sad, angry, anxious and all the other emotional experiences we have. Problems begin happening when we hold on to those emotions or artificially attempt to change them. When we suppress, ignore or amplify our emotions, it affects both our energy and our physiology. These blocked emotions can manifest in many ways, from ulcers, to fatigue, to chronic pain, to depression, to cancer, to anxiety disorders, to heart disease and more.

Unfortunately, most of us have lived in environments that have encouraged us to suppress, ignore or alter our emotions, especially our more negative emotions. Over time, these suppressed emotions can have a large impact on our health.

Many people attempt to use talk therapy and pharmaceutical drugs to regulate their emotional issues, with limited success. Talk therapy attempts to get to the root of the emotional issues and work through them, which can often be a long, painful and expensive process. Pharmaceutical drugs provide temporary relief, but often come with serious side effects and do not address the underlying cause.

Emotional Freedom Techniques offer an effective, safe and easy alternative to address the underlying energy of emotions. By tapping on the body’s energy meridians while feeling an emotion, you can short circuit the emotional reaction and eliminate the physiological response. Negative emotions become less intense, and are significantly easier to let go, as the underlying disruption in the body’s energy are relieved.

The reason we hang on to negative emotions is because there’s a disruption in the energetic system of the body. By removing that disruption while we are focused on that memory, we are able to let go of our emotional attachment to it. Experiences that make us feel negative emotions are imprinted in our memory, and when we face similar situations, we may experience the emotion just as intensely or even an escalation of that negative emotion.

To properly utilize EFT, you use statements that keep you tuned in to the emotion you wish to address, and you tap on your body’s energy points. You continue to tap while utilizing statements to soothe the emotion until you get to the core issue causing the emotion. As you tap, you restore balance to the body’s energy system, and this results in remarkable healing. You can even address unrecognized emotions with EFT.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Clients who use EFT to address their underlying issues experience reductions in physical pain, improved ability to cope with the stress of life, and generally improved well being. EFT has also been successfully used to manage cravings and change unwanted behaviors by addressing and rewriting those automatic emotional responses that are the root cause of unwanted behaviors. EFT has proved itself effective in addressing notoriously difficult issues such as losing weight, quitting smoking or other addictive behaviors and easing chronic pain.

Chuck is adept at guiding clients through issues that may be affecting them while demonstrating the tapping techniques to relieve the emotional burden. The principles Chuck teaches in EFT sessions are also easy to utilize yourself, anytime and anywhere emotions become an issue.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques
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